SIM Management on Android 14

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Good morning,


I'm opening this post because I would like to know more about SIM management on WPCOD devices in Android 14.
According to Jason Bayton ( and feedback I received from Samsung support, this feature expected to be implemented in Android Enterprise for Android 14 release.


I have several customers who have contacted me regarding the management of calls and SMS in order to assign a SIM card to a profile (Professional or Personal) and receive calls and SMS only on the assigned profile.


I have an Android 14 device (Samsung Galaxy A53), which I enrolled on Knox Manage in WPCOD, I looked on the Android Enterprise policy to check if there was a setting to perhaps activate the configuration of SIM management or see assigning the location of a SIM to a profile on a dual SIM device but I found nothing.


I added two SIM cards to my device but I don't get a pop-up asking me to assign a SIM card to the personal or work profile. I only get the pop-up asking me to indicate which SIM is preferred for calls and SMS.


I then performed the following tests:


- I created a personal contact in the Contacts app in the personal profile and a business contact in the work profile.

- I then tested with another colleague the calls and SMS and the call history as well as received SMS only appear in the personal profile which is completely normal for me because the personal profile is administrator of the device.


Could you confirm that SIM management has been implemented on Android 14? because I don't see this information in "what's new for Android Enterprise in Android 14" (


If SIM management is well integrated into Android Enterprise for Android 14, should we wait for EMM to implement the API to be able to configure it through a policy?