Android 14 & One UI 6 Removed Intune from device

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I have a galaxy S21 FE that was just updated to android 14 and One UI 6, and that seems to have removed all admin apps (except device policy and Knox Enrollment services). the device can no longer be controlled by Intune and all the policy's were removed (luckily this means I can still factory reset it). it also uninstalled all apps that were installed by Intune, and the work google account was removed so when the play store was opened it was prompting for a sign in. Another concerning thing is it seems that the device password was removed. Has anyone seen something like this with Android 14 and Intune? I also called Samsung, and first was sent to consumer support, and was told that they have had allot of issues with Android 14, and then got sent to B2B Support and was told its an Intune issue, and they had no reports of problems. I have some other devices that were updated to Android 14, and no reports from those users with problems, so its possible its just a fluke, but still mildly concerning.


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Interesting post here, I wondered was there any difference in setup to the other devices you also ran this on? 



@Moombas @jeremy @jasonbayton wondering if you have any suggestions here or heard of anything similar? 

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I would try to get some more details from Intune, maybe a policy that prevent use of Intune with Android 14 or something funky on Intune side, have you checked with their support?

I've not seen this kind of issue before so Intune might be your best way forward to see if they have any logs for your device.


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We don't work with Intune (except one really short test and then regret it) so I have no experience to add here. I can only say that with our MDM there's no issue in such a case.

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Android 14 appears to have been a problematic upgrade overall, but this is the first such incident I've heard of this. 


Would you consider taking a bug report, if you have access to developer settings? I'd very much like to understand the state the device is actually in:


You can get it to me through PM here or contact details on my website.


Your best course of action here unfortunately is to raise it with Intune as we'll have limited visibility and it sounds like an action has occurred on either the device or Intune to lead to this, and I'd be inclined to lean towards intune given the managed Google Play account was removed also.

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Unfortunately, I had developer settings disabled, and due to the fact that I lost control of the device with Intune, I am not able to re-enable it.

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I did an upgrade with a Galaxy Tab S9 the other day to Android 14 and One UI 6 that was managed by Intune and did not experience any issues at all. At this point I have not heard any specific problems around upgrading and Intune from any customer or Microsoft but I'll reach out if I do.