Distributing Paid Apps

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Hey everyone,

Google removed the option to distribute paid apps some time ago.

We loved that feature to roll out paid apps like ZoiPer Pro and many more.

Are there any plans to get this awesome feature back?


I already asked about it at the Android Enterprise Global Partner Summit 2022:


Do you have any updates for us?


Google Community Manager
Google Community Manager



Thanks for starting this conversation. 


Good question, I haven't heard that anything has changed on this I'm afraid. 


As I understand it, when this was available pre-2019, it was only available in the US and we are finding that some app developers are creating their own commercial models. If I hear anything has changed on this I will come back to you here in the community.


@jasonbayton, I know you responded to a similar question a few years ago in the previous Help Community about this, not sure if you have anything to add here? 


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Distributing paid apps was available in Germany too.


I recommended setting license information using a managed configuration (see https://developer.android.com/work/managed-configurations) to ZoiPer.

The field would be invisible in the app for the end user.





Do you know if that would be compliant with the Google Play Store rules?

ZoiPer is afraid of getting banned if they include this option. 


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Yup what organisations find works in lieu of this frustrating lack of basic functionality is working with the app developers directly.

  • The app developer can provide you with a custom application version (and unique package name) after the commercials are worked out, with no additional requirements
  • The app developer can implement a licensing system and permit license input through managed config to unlock functionality automatically
  • The developer can make available a custom version of the app through their Google Play Console targeted to your enterprise (organisation) ID, and allow you to import it as a normal application, once commercials are worked out.

The only enterprise-first feature in the above is managed config, but a little light reading should have the developers up to speed pretty quick. 


Good luck 🙂