SMS in Work Profile Error

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I have COPE setup with Intune and getting an error when opening the native Samsung messages app (work profile).  The app does not open and only encounters the following error: messages can only be used by the owner of the device.


This Google article states that it should work by sending through the default sms app in personal profile.


Has anyone come across this?


Google Community Manager
Google Community Manager

Hello @TRVTV,


Thanks for your question here.


If I understood correctly you want to run the SMS app inside the Work Profile, however the SMS are managed by the default app, like Samsung Messages, installed in the personal space. Is this correct?


I wonder have you seen this support article, it touches upon what you are referring to here? For having cross-profile capabilities, you will need to have the policies in Intune set up to support this (article).  

Does this help at all? Please do come back with any followup. 


Thanks and good luck.


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