Is my company monitoring traffic in my personal profile through mdm on my work profile?

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I recently joined a new company, they're high on security.


It's difficult to work with the company laptop remotely because once it goes to sleep(after about 2 mins of being idle) it disconnects from the internet and you need to log back in, connect to the wifi, connect to a VPN with your credentials, authorize the VPN via your phone and then click accept before you get internet access on the computer again. 


In other to reply emails and messages faster, I had to add a work profile, I installed the required apps, accepted polices etc.


communications apps that connect to the company domains or work apps have to be funneled via a VPN (required installation by the company).


So basically these apps don't work without the vpn.


My main concern is that this VPN might be monitoring traffic in my personal profile although I have premium proton VPN installed, I don't feel entirely safe about it.


I've checked online and the answers I've seen are generic.


Any help here? 


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Hi Peterstev,

i think in general you should ask your company but in general here is an article:

"To run a separate VPN for the personal profile or work profile."

But in general i think it depends on the setup.

And just to be sure: It just means that the traffic is routed to the company VPN or not. If they are monitoring that traffic is a different topic.

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If I understood you correctly, you have a private owned smartphone where you added a work container (BYOD) using the Android Device Policy app.


In that case, the private network traffic is not monitored and it is possible to use another VPN (e.g. Proton VPN for your private profile and Company VPN for your work profile).

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Very help full