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Not able to print from Google Docs

Hi all, we provided Google docs, sheets and slides to our devices.We set managed app config (allow of using printing api and usage without Google account).We noticed now that printing is possible on sheets and slides but not on docs.Is there any know...

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Testing Apps on BYOD Work Profile

We are a game app development company and we use both company-owned and personally owned devices (BYOD) to test our apps.We have been managing BYOD as Android device administrator, but recently migrated to Android Enterprise. The Android Enterprise B...

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Gmail "exchange_authentication_type" restriction

Hi,I'm trying to configure Gmail via managed configuration (by custom DPC app).I was a little confused by the description of setting "exchange_authentication_type" from the documentation. The text looks like it should be a string with a value from th...


Can I retrieve data from Android Device Policy(ADP?

Hi Community, Can I retrieve data directly from Android Device Policy(ADP)? Here is what I found: 1. I can receive device events from pub/sub notifications. The data flow is ADP -> Google Server -> My Server.2. In the ADP introduction, it says that: ...

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Unable to Approve new Permission in managed Play Store

Hi, For the past few months we haven't been able to approve apps with new permissions under: Clicking on 'Accept' disabled the button and changes to 'Accepting' for a few seconds then just re-enables and ...

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