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SMS Broadcast works only in Samsung Devices

Hi Folks, As there's a limitation to the reception of SMS Broadcast in WorkProfile, I can receive SMS events in Work Profile (only on Samsung devices), and not on any device from other manufacturers. Is it an explicit feature from Samsung or a limita...

Alirfan by Level 1.6: Donut
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Resolved! App Update Issue in Android Enterprise

Hi Folks, I have the same app installed from Playstore on both profiles (Work Profile and Personal Profile), when I update the app in Personal Profile (from PlayStore) the app (with same package name) in Work Profile also gets updated, also the app u...

Alirfan by Level 1.6: Donut
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Resolved! Gmail "allow_unmanaged_accounts" restriction issue

I'm trying to configure Gmail via managed configuration. I discovered that inside the apk there is a bool restriction "allow_unmanaged_accounts" (Allow Unmanaged Accounts), but it is not mentioned in the documentation (

How to manage app using Intune

I want some suggestions on how to manage applications in our workplace.  We purchased an Android app for our employees to work in the warehouse. The vendor provides two methods of getting the app to our devices. One is to download it directly from th...

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WiFi connection and Kiosk mode

Hello world! I'm managing some devices through Android Management as device owner, in kiosk mode, running an app I developed in Flutter. I need to list all nearby wifi connections and I succeeded using a specific library, but when I try to connect an...


Hello there, I have some queries regarding AMAPI SDK implementation in my EMM solution.   1. Is it necessary to use AMAPI for an EMM solution?  Isn't Android Management APIs sufficient ? Why do we need AMAPI SDK ?        2. I have installed the apk g...

umesh by Level 1.5: Cupcake
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