Android example/test policy for Work Profile blocks personal APK Install

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Hi Community,

 I have an issue and a doubt at the same time, I have always used the work profile in my Android to keep things separated between work and personal life, I recently moved into a new company which are not currently using devices policies and I wasnt able to set up my Work profile, so I created my work profile by using the Android example/test policy to enable the work profile, all was good until I tried to update one of my personal apps via APK, which I got an error saying I have such acction blocked by my IT Administrator, so not only the policy does not limit itself to the Work Profile but also google's example policy blocks apk installation. Is there any way to overcome this issue? I feel Im also being "blocked" for some other stuff since I started digging around.



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There are some limitations (like blocking installation from unknown sources or also some other things) which can also take effect the personal profile for security reasons. 

To be honest, i would do the same (blocking installation from unknown sources for both profiles).

Level 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich



Open the work profile copy of testDPC and head to user restrictions. In here are the policies that'll apply to devices. 


The one you're looking for is disallow installs from unknown sources globally. 


Is it disabled? If not, toggle it off.