Can I retrieve data from Android Device Policy(ADP?

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Hi Community,


Can I retrieve data directly from Android Device Policy(ADP)? Here is what I found:


1. I can receive device events from pub/sub notifications. The data flow is ADP -> Google Server -> My Server.

2. In the ADP introduction, it says that: 


3. In the Android Management API doc, it says that:



My questions are as follows:

  • Q1. Is there any way to make data directly back to my server(data flow: ADP -> my server)?

Btw, it seems that existing EMM partners can achieve this by creating their own Device Policy Controller(DPC). Android Enterprise is no longer accepting new registrations for custom device policy controllers (DPC) using the Google Play EMM API. All new EMM solutions should now use Android Management API, which comes with its own DPC provided by Google.


  • Q2. If Q1's answer is yes, how can I achieve this? If I develop my own app, is there any way for my app to get device data from ADP?


Any help would be appreciated.


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It depends what you are trying to achieve here,

You can create your own agent, install it on the devices to add features on top of the Google Android Management API, what infos are you looking to retrieve?

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Something like system logs, my agent may not have the access. Is there any way to achieve that?

Level 2.3: Gingerbread

Some logs can be retrieved using the Android Management API.

Also using an app like this one might work as you can grant permissions to the app, so you could take inspiration from this app.