Gmail "exchange_authentication_type" restriction

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I'm trying to configure Gmail via managed configuration (by custom DPC app).

I was a little confused by the description of setting "exchange_authentication_type" from the documentation. The text looks like it should be a string with a value from the list.


However, according to the gmail configuration file, the application must pass an array of strings

<restriction android:key="exchange_authentication_type"  android:restrictionType="multi-select" />


Can you help me on a couple of questions:
1) Has this behavior been there since the setting was introduced, or has it changed over time?
2) What happens if you pass all possible values into an array?


I also noticed that if you pass null, then Gmail does not want to authorize the user using the certificate in the work profile, is this expected behavior?


Google Staff

Hi @Figlovsky_K 


Firstly, thank you for your post, its really appreciated. 


Just to let you know I am looking into this with my colleagues, I will get an answer for you in the upcoming days. 


It seems quite a complex issue so hopefully we can resolve this for you.