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I am looking for a bit of advice..


Currently use MobileIron as our MDM (all assigned via AZT) and we want to migrate to Intune, but at the moment all Android phones in AZT are pointed to MobileIron using the configuration.


Looking to deploy 300 Android tablets (all corporate owned) which needs to be done in Intune, but I cannot see a way of creating a config for AZT for Intune as well as MobileIron.


The current phones setup in MI will eventually either be retired or replaced so need to stay live for the time being until tablets are setup.


Any help / advise appreciated, as I'm at a bit of a loss at the moment on how I can do this


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Hi there! 


First off, are the new 300 already registered to ZT? If not, this is a little easier. If so, it's still not so difficult. 

You'll need access to the customer portal - https://partner.android.com/zerotouch


I've popped together a guide, it's a little old but thankfully very little has changed on the customer side. You can view that here - https://bayton.org/android/android-enterprise-zero-touch-console-device-guide/


If your devices aren't yet registered, create a configuration, fetch the enrolment token from Intune and input it following this template: https://bayton.org/android/android-enterprise-zero-touch-dpc-extras-collection/#intune. Then set the new config as default, register the devices and they'll pick it up immediately. You can likely even leave it default if you're migrating to Intune permanently 🙂


If the devices are already registered, within the devices page you can use the menu button top-right (3 dots) to upload batch configurations:



Download the example CSV file, input the IMEIs/SNs & data you want to switch, and under the policy ID, put that of your new configuration (you can see this in the configurations page).


If you're got ZT linked to MI at the moment that might be slightly more involved, but this should get you most of the way there 🙂


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Hey @PW1,


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We had a very similar question from another member looking to move to Intune the other day, @jarmo_akkanen shared a great overview on his experience, I'd recommend you taking a look at it. 


It would be great to hear how you get on. 


Thank you,


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Thanks for this will have a look through and get my head around it, looks simple, at the moment MI is setup in AZT as default as we have around 250 phones registered, but as suggested I will setup Intune as default as that will be the new MDM going forward. If I had a list of the the S/N's for the tablets I could do a bulk change but as I don't then looks like it will be a manual process.


The tablets while listed in AZT have not been powered on yet so that will be a fresh setup, so that will be helpful.


Now I need to get my head round Intune, we have some POC configs setup with 3rd party assistance but now it looks like I'm going alone and it does not look straight forward after being used to MI and finding that straight forward.


I'll keep you updated on my progress (eventually).