Policy update not removing the google apps like Chrome and Gmail

Level 1.5: Cupcake

When utilizing Android Enterprise to administer our collection of Android devices, we've encountered an issue. Specifically, when we apply a new policy to a device and the previous policy included certain Google apps (specifically Chrome and Gmail) and non-Google apps as 'FORCE_INSTALLED,' but the new policy doesn't contain any app, we observe that all non-Google apps are uninstalled from the device, while Google apps(Chrome and Gmail) remain unaffected. Chrome and Gmail continue to be installed in the work profile but are not present in the managed Play Store of the device. Could this behavior be considered a bug, or might there be some aspect we're overlooking in this scenario?


Level 1.6: Donut

I also experienced the same phenomenon. How did you deal with this issue?

Level 2.3: Gingerbread

Yes I’ve also noticed that too once these apps ( probably system apps already installed in the device system firmware) are enabled or installed you cannot remove them. 
you will probably need chrome anyway for apps using web view or web based apps.