Work contacts not recognized when ringing - works fine otherwise

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I am having an issue with contacts from my work profile not being recognized when I have an incoming call, the notification is showing the phone number, but as soon as I pick up the contact name shows up. Calls history also displays the contact name.

I am using my personal phone (aosp android 13) as a work phone, with two sim cards and a work profile linked to an enterprise google account. Both profile have Google contacts and dialer apps installed, with the "Identify callers numbers" option turned on.


Gave all the permissions I could to both apps, but this hasn't fixed it. Any suggestion ? 


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Hi Autum22,

please take a look into this article @Lizzie mentioned some days before:

When you make a call to a contact in your work profile, you’ll get an alert that says You’re using this app outside of your work profile. The call is made from the device’s default dialer app in your personal space. When you receive a call from someone listed in the Contacts app in your work profile, their name and number are shown on the screen. If your administrator allows, their name is listed in the phone history log in your personal space. Otherwise, only their number is listed .
Note: Directory contacts from the Contacts app aren't available when in the work profile.
Please check if the behavior is like as described.