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Does anyone know if there is a way of not publishing everything that is ready to be published from an app review point of view? I have a closed testing track app ready to be published and I will shortly have a production version of the app ready for review. But as far as I can see you can't only publish certain tracks i.e. the production and not the closed track. You can only publish everything that is ready to be published?


What I wanted to know was if, for example, I wanted the production version to go live now and wait before releasing the testing track?




Google Community Manager
Google Community Manager

Hey @GH96,


App release should be per track. Under the "Release" settings in the play developer console you can click "Production". That page should have a button to "Create new release" (screenshot below). That release would only apply to your Production track and shouldn't affect your other test tracks. Read more here


Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 4.51.16 PM.png