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Work Profile and Photo profile not aligning

When i go into the google messaging app on my android and add a photo there is a work profile. In this work profile there have are photos that have been deleted from the rest of the phone. They aren't in a google drive, one drive or on the phone itse...

Provisioning dedicated device

Hello I'm trying to provisioning a device into a fully managed dedicated device in Kiosk mode, and I have done it using Android Management Api and 6 tap method and QR code on welcome screen during factory reset.However, now I have device that after f...

zigic by Level 1.5: Cupcake
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Some apps don't appear in Play Store

Been using Android Enterprise for a little while and generally got things working well. But I am finding a few apps that won't make it to the Managed Google Play Store for no apparent reason. I appreciate some apps are only available in certain count...

HKP by Level 2.0: Eclair
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Can't access internet DPC app

Hello Everyone ,i have created one policy in this one application added and added forcefully permission for internet.Device network management through disable wifi and SIM network permission for DPC app and policy app.i’m trying to push another polic...

bhargav by Level 1.5: Cupcake
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