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How to manage app using Intune

I want some suggestions on how to manage applications in our workplace.  We purchased an Android app for our employees to work in the warehouse. The vendor provides two methods of getting the app to our devices. One is to download it directly from th...

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Installing apk

Trying to install huawei health apk but my phone believes its a cooperate app and wont allow it.  Seems it's some kind of problem because I should have the rights. Pixel 7a which should have the latest updates 

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Cannot reinstall Webapps after EMM migration

Hello community.I'm opening this post because a customer is experiencing an issue with private apps and webapps uninstalling and not reinstalling after a device migration from one EMM to another.The source EMM is Ivanti Endpoint Mobile Manager (forme...

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[Poll] Which updates policy have you adopted?

Hello everyone,   A great question by @GMenzies came up in the community the other day regarding Google system updates and the features around managing the policies for devices enrolled using Android Enterprise.    It's an interesting discussion poin...

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Widgets on COPE - MS Intune

Hey,Unfortunately there are no settings and/or no chance configure Widgets on COPE in MS Intune. There is specific setting in Intune restrictions config profile to allow/disallow Widgets for BYOD method.Is this problem tied only MS Intune or is this ...