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Resolved! Does Android devices lose contact with Google ZTE portal if they are not activated or they do not report back after x number of days? Is there a policy for that?

So we have some Android devices that are imported to ZTE and then sent to the customers but the customers didn't enroll the devices immediately. They have inactive and turned off for 5 months. After 5 month when they start the device and connect to t...

Arifn by Level 1.6: Donut
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Resolved! App Update Issue in Android Enterprise

Hi Folks, I have the same app installed from Playstore on both profiles (Work Profile and Personal Profile), when I update the app in Personal Profile (from PlayStore) the app (with same package name) in Work Profile also gets updated, also the app u...

Alirfan by Level 1.6: Donut
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Resolved! Gmail "allow_unmanaged_accounts" restriction issue

I'm trying to configure Gmail via managed configuration. I discovered that inside the apk there is a bool restriction "allow_unmanaged_accounts" (Allow Unmanaged Accounts), but it is not mentioned in the documentation (

Allow only one domain in Work Profile

Hi All, We have registered Android EMM with Managed Play Account (gmail) in Workspace ONE. We use Google Workspace for Google apps like email, calendar etc. I need to allow only adding our domain ( in Google Apps inside Work Profile. Is...

What frequently asked questions do you receive?

Hello everyone,   As in most roles within a company if you are oversee an area you are likely to receive questions from colleagues and other employees.   This got me thinking, for those of you who are managing devices and security, what would you say...

Lizzie by Google Community Manager
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