Can I use as a customer ?

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I have access to (or to the nice new portal 🙂) to manage which configuration I want to send to our devices. The account I use is "owner". I have created a project with Partner API in Google Cloud.


For now I try to query my device list with using OAuth 2.0 Playground with that URI :*

But all I succeed is to have an access denied :

"error": {
"message": "Request had insufficient authentication scopes.",
"code": 403,
"details": [
"@type": "",
"domain": "",
"metadata": {
"method": "",
"service": ""

 What am I missing ? Is that only possible for a customer (and not a resseller) to access devices with API ?

Thanks for you help.
Pierre from France


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Check out the resource: 


There is no list in the resource for partners, but there are other queries you might be able to do to get what you're looking for?

Level 1.5: Cupcake

I've made some progress \o/
Thanks to your link, I found the "Customer" section of the API documentation (I'm not very used to browse Google API Documentation 😅) :

Using that documentation, I successfully executed a query in C# with the provided code here :

Afterwards, I attempted to modify the code to list my devices (instead of DPCs). However, despite repeated attempts, I failed to do so until I finally discovered that I needed to limit the results by providing a query parameter "pageSize" or a "nextPageToken" if the result exceeds a limit (which appears to be 100 devices).

I am more confortable with Powershell, so I attempted to achieve the same task in PowerShell. I successfully executed a query of my configurations with this URI:

Now I need to code a search tool to find a device in the list and a function to apply one of our MDM configurations to a device. However, now that I have the underlying logic, it should be easier. The concept of "nextPageToken" still remains mysterious for now. I need to investigate how to query all my devices and not just 100 of them. I will share my findings here once I have more time to investigate further.

Have a nice day,
Pierre from France