Samsung S23 with Knox Mobile Enrollment fails to enroll in Intune

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I was wondering if anyone else was having problems enrolling Samsung S23s using Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment into MS Intune?  I read the other thread about S23s and Zero-Touch failing, but that seems different than what we see.


We get to a point where Chrome browses to

The page says:  Please click here to continue.

No matter how many times you tap that link, nothing happens.  Everything is just stuck.  If you wait a long time, the phone just restarts and is in some weird state.


Using the QR code works fine.

Also, other models, like the Samsung S20, enroll just fine using Knox Mobile Enrollment into Intune.


This is what it looks like.


samsung zte error.jpg


I opened a case with MS, but they say that is Google's page, and they can't control what it does.