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[Poll] Which updates policy have you adopted?

Hello everyone,   A great question by @GMenzies came up in the community the other day regarding Google system updates and the features around managing the policies for devices enrolled using Android Enterprise.    It's an interesting discussion poin...

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Lizzie by Google Community Manager
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Widgets on COPE - MS Intune

Hey,Unfortunately there are no settings and/or no chance configure Widgets on COPE in MS Intune. There is specific setting in Intune restrictions config profile to allow/disallow Widgets for BYOD method.Is this problem tied only MS Intune or is this ...

DOOGEE Rugged phone maker Doogee on Android 12

Hello, I have several cell phones from the Chinese brand Doogee and what I can see is that the brand Doogee has not updated its Android operating system for a long time, thus becoming obsolete because it is parked on Android 12 without forecasts for ...

Allow only one domain in Work Profile

Hi All, We have registered Android EMM with Managed Play Account (gmail) in Workspace ONE. We use Google Workspace for Google apps like email, calendar etc. I need to allow only adding our domain ( in Google Apps inside Work Profile. Is...

Feature Requests to Google?

Hi,does anyone know if there's a possibility to place a feature request to Google regarding Zero-Touch-Portal?I wanted to ask if there's plaanned at any point to provide possibility to implement AD authentication to the portal.

Moombas by Level 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich
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