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Android Enterprise and Google Workspace for Nonprofits

Hello,I need clarification. My organization holds a Google Workspace for Nonprofits license which grants us an Android Enterprise Basic license. Everything has suited our needs thus far.Recently, I've encountered an issue. We're attempting to configu...

re by New member
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Managed Google Play API Error

We manage our mobile device through Intune; we also manage multiple tenants. I didn't know when I did this, but I made the mistake of signing into a new tenant with our Managed Google Play account that we use for our main tenant. Still, unaware of my...

Force settings on Dedicated devices during enrollment

Hello all,I'm trying to deploy a Dedicated device profile in Microsoft Intune, I created the configuration profiles and the compliance policy with some settings, in specific about PIN creation and complexity, but during the setup users are not asked ...

LFagni by Level 1.6: Donut
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Resolved! Intune ZT enrollment - No virtual keyboard

Hello, I have different feedbacks where the virtual keyboard is not appearing at the Intune login page during a ZT enrollment, has anyone experienced the same issue and knows how to fix it please? Environment:- Android tablets running Android 13- COP...

Yunchuan by Level 1.6: Donut
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Regarding a lost Android mobile

Good evening Android, I lost my mother purchased SAMSUNG Galaxy Smartphone which was purchased in overseas when she travelled on a pilgrimage. And the mobile was misplaced or stolen a few years back, i live in Sri Lanka - Asia and i need Android expe...

Testing Apps on BYOD Work Profile

We are a game app development company and we use both company-owned and personally owned devices (BYOD) to test our apps.We have been managing BYOD as Android device administrator, but recently migrated to Android Enterprise. The Android Enterprise B...

tmaeda by Level 1.5: Cupcake
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Microsoft Company Portal App

Hi all,Seems that latest Company Portal version from Microsoft is having some issue.Problem description:Installation from Play Store is working but launching Company Portal app, it just freezes with logo on the screen. Never does anything, just freez...

Payment methods on Managed Accounts

We use managed accounts ( to provide access to the Managed Playstore, this accounts are assigned to the users or devices, I would like to disable the payment method options for these accounts....

enrique by Level 1.5: Cupcake
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